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Grand Hall
The first area excavated and used as the Vanguard's forward operating base for much of the early Legion invasions. As other spaces were excavated, operations moved further into the mountain. Being behind the large front gate, it is a safe place to temporarily gather goods and people in an emergency. 

The Loose Blunderbuss
The hold's watering hole. The pub doesn't operate with money but on a strict personal ration. It's possible to earn an extended ration as a bonus for good work and after successful missions. 

Troop Barracks
The garrison is not large enough for seperate division quarters, so they share the barracks. It is segregated by gender.
The Dun Tor troops are mostly Mountaineers, so the others eventually become more informed about gun maintenance and goat-rearing than they ever cared to know.

Off-Limits Construction
Even after most Vanguard troops have left Dun Tor, expansion has not stopped. A small but dedicated team of mining engineers work in a closed-off area, making sure it is safe before opening new spaces for use.

Steward's Office
The office of the Steward of Dun Tor, currently held by Lt. Valkorunn Darklocke. Under his stewardship Dun Tor has become a center for trade and diplomacy with the neighbouring Vrykul clans.

Mountaineers Bureau
Dun Tor finds itself in a challenging location, close to Horde-alligned Suramar and Thunder Totem. The Vrykul clans controlling Stormheim are not inherently hostile to us, but their friendly disposition towards us mostly depends on the advanced ironwork and goods we have to trade. In order to carefully manage these threats, the mountaineers under Steward Darklocke are continually drawing plans and executing missions from the Mountaineers Bureau. Missions include reconnaissance, diplomacy, trade, subterfuge and, rarely, even assassination. 

Bael Guard Quarters
What few Bael Guard choose to be stationed in Dun Tor can count on a modest personal quarter in the hold. During low occupancy, some Ironguard are permitted to take up a room for some time.

Vrykul Embassy
A slightly more lavish living area with higher ceilings and doorways, built especially with the tall Vrykul in mind. Vrykul emissaries from friendly clans are invited on a rotating basis to come trade and strengthen our relationship. They are made comfortable, but are watched at all times and are not permitted into the central chamber.

Ammunition, armor, guns, tinkering supplies, gunpowder, gun oil, rope, firesteels, mountaineer climbing hooks, metal bars, minor explosives, goat feed.

Location on the southern Stormheim coast:

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