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Gryphon Lessons by Thaugrim by Valkorunn Category: Mission Board
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Gryphon Lessons

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Event Type:

Combat and Free RP

Basic Theme: 

Fun atmosphere, streak of distress later


Hinterlands, begin at Aerie Peak

Minimum Player size:


DM Difficulty Level:

Medium - Hard

IC Mission Statement:

The newly recruited warriors of the Wildhammer Clan are familiar with gryphons, but have much to learn from their elders. Being able to take to the air is not enough; one must be deft upon the winds to continue the fearsome reputation of the Clan’s gryphon riders. As relations mend between the Vanguard and the Wildhammers, Baruzad troops are invited to get top of the line training along with these young recruits. Join your kin and learn how to fly a gryphon like the best!

OOC Event Map:

The pacing of this event will be tricky. You begin at the rookery and choose an Elder Wildhammer NPC to guide your group (name them). You also pick 2-3 recruit NPCs (name them too - give bonuses to characters who say they already know how to fly well). Take to the sky and do some fun skill checks ( out of /50 so the people know it’s not combat, lighthearted outcomes …

Moon Guard Time

Sept. 30, 2023, 1:48 p.m.

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