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Anyone in the guild can tell you our uniform is up for debate at the best of times. Here's the current Vanguard uniform, which will stay this way for as long as I can manage.

All belts, weapons, and cloaks are up to YOUR consideration (Within reason)-- with the exception of the medical division, who MUST wear white cloaks. Shirts are entirely optional: Pick something a deep red. Most of the guild shirts are good, as is the Red Workman's Shirt.

Helms are mostly optional-- in the case of the infantry, where a helm is a matter of safety, however, they are not, and one should be kept on hand even if you only wear it when ordered to do so.



Head: [Horned Cobalt Helm]

Obtained from:

Chest: [Thorium Armor]

Obtained from:

Shoulder: [Runic Plate Shoulders]

Obtained from:

Hands: [Khan'aish Gloves] OR [Shattered Hand Gauntlets]

Obtained from:

Legs: [Wasteland Burnished Legplates] OR [Wasteland Heavy Legguards] OR [Wasteland Armored Legguards]

Obtained from: Vendor Len at Arms in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (Atop the Serpent's Spine-- NOT the PvP vendor Flight point, but the other one), OR Vendor Supplier Xin in Townlong Steppes. Cost is 7g90s38c.

Feet: [Khan'aish Greaves] OR [Shattered Hand Sabatons]

Obtained from: Random Drops. Level 

Recommended belt: [Khan'aish Girdle]

Obtained from: Random Drops.




Obtained from:

Chest: [Fortified Chain]

Obtained from: Random Drops. Level 20 req. Usually cheap on the AH.

Shoulder: [Mercurial Pauldrons]

Obtained from: Random Drops. Level 57 req. Not cheap-- check the Gbank and talk to an officer.

Hands: [Fortified Gauntlets]

Obtained from: Random Drops. Level 20 req. Incredibly cheap if you can find them.

Legs: [Bat Claw Legguards]

Obtained from: "Duskwing, Oh how I hate thee..." A quest in Eastern Plaguelands. No quest chain, no buildup, just in and out, and it takes about 5 minutes. Alternatively, the [Skymaster's Pants] in Thousand Needles offers the same model.

Feet: [Mercurial Boots]

Obtained from: Random Drops. Level 56 Requirement. Pricey on the AH-- see about getting funds from the gbank.

Recommended belt: [Guardian's Linked Girdle]

Obtained from: PvP Vendors, at a cost of 140 honor points. Dirt-cheap, you can do 2 BGs for that thing, and it looks great.



Head: [Runic Leather Headband]

Obtained from:

Chest: [Adventurer's Tunic] or [Thick Draenic Vest]

Obtained from: Random drops (level 60 req) or leatherworking, respectively. Despite the neat appearance, they're fairly commonly made and cheaply sold.

Shoulder: [Silent Shoulders] or [Faded Forest Spaulders] or [Equivalent]

Obtained from: A random Pandaren Drop, but there are many quests that reward a shoulder of the same color and model WITHOUT having to pay upwards of a hundred gold on the AH. Do some research-- your options are MANY.

Hands: [Red Whelp Gloves]

Obtained from: Leatherworking. The pattern is sold by Wenna Silkbeard at Swiftgear Station in the Wetlands and requires [Red Dye]x6, [Medium Leather]x10, and [Fine Thread].

Legs: [Wolf Rider's Leggings]

Obtained from:

Feet: [Mighty Boots]

Obtained from:

Recommended belt: [Insignia Belt]

Obtained from:



Head: [Felcloth Hood] (Or other)

Obtained from: Tailoring; materials required, [Bolt of Runecloth]x2, [Felcloth]x2, [Rune Thread]. Usually up on the AH-- if not, find a tailor to make one for you since the pattern is no longer available. Alternative choices must be red and leave the beard visible.

Chest: [Cindercloth Robe]

Obtained from:

Shoulder: [Flarecore Mantle]

Another alternative for the Shoulderpads are [Nether Guards]

Obtained from: Dr. Boom!

Hands: [Red Mageweave Gloves]

Obtained from:

Legs: N/A

Obtained from: They're hidden, you doofus!

Feet: [Linen Boots]

Obtained from:

Recommended belt: [Consortium Belt]

Obtained from: Random drop, level req. 66. It's low-key, simple, and blends in with the rest of the outfit. Enjoy it, SON. Alternatives should, likewise, not be too over-the-top.

Medical: The above uniform of your class, with a white cloak.

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