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NOTE: This system is the old RP system we used before switching to Conquest. This system is not in use anymore.

Hey there! Compiled here, is all you need to know when it comes to the general rules of a standard Vanguard d20 RP event! Everything detailed in this post serves as the ultimate guide on how we run things when it comes to in-game d20 combat & more!

Two Phases
Typically, as combat engagement goes; we tend to favor the two phase system: Attacking Rolls & Defending Rolls. As self-explanatory as it is, you roll to attack your enemy, then you roll to see how you fare against the enemy's attack.

Special note on healing:
Medics are able to heal during any of these two phases without restriction. They roll as they normally would (out of 20), and get a result. You must declare whether you're healing or attack/defending yourself.

All members of the Vanguard are well-equipped. During each event, each member starts out with 3 health potions that they can use at any time. They may be used during Attacking and Defending phases. However, during a defense phase, they must roll out of 20 to see if they're successful in drinking the potion. During an attacking phase, they do not need to roll 20. If successful, you roll out of 5 to see how much the potion heals you for.

Actions & Combat: Tiered Success
These are based off of a roll based system with one person narrating. When members of the event are required to take action (attack, defend, heal, take an action) they roll and the outcome of their roll is how well they did at the required action. These rolls are done out of 20, like your traditional table top RPGs. (/roll 20)

1 - 5
(Attack/Heal rolls) Damage/Healing Dealt: 0
(Defense rolls) Damage Taken: 2

You fail. Your attack misses, you are injured, instead of healing your target you cause them pain, you fall flat on your face – be creative!

6 - 10
(Attack/Heal rolls) Damage/Healing Dealt: 1
(Defense rolls) Damage Taken: 1

You succeed – barely. Your attack glances the target, you are slightly injured, you kind of aid your injured comrade or do a sloppy job, you make it across the river but fall at the end – be creative!

11 - 15
(Attack/Heal rolls) Damage/Healing Dealt: 2
(Defense rolls) Damage Taken: 0

You succeed normally. Your attack hits, you avoid the attack normally, you repair your target’s wounds with little fuss, you cross the river with ease. – oh, yeah. Be Creative.

16 - 19
(Attack/Heal rolls) Damage/Healing Dealt: 3
(Defense rolls) Damage Taken: 0

You do exceptionally well. You kill lesser enemies in a single blow, you deal major injures to the enemy, you avoid the attack and can hit back, you heal your target and then some, you bound up the mountain – you get the idea. Be creative here!

Natural 20
(Does not count if you received a bonus to achieve a 20 or higher, you must naturally roll a 20).
(Attack/Heal rolls) Damage/Healing Dealt: 5
(Defense rolls) Damage Taken: 0

You perform a heroic action! You're able to deal significant damage, and take down medium enemies with a single strike. You're able to defend yourself, and save a nearby ally from harm OR counter-attack the enemy. (See Counter-Attacks & Lifesaver Procedure below). And as always, be very creative!

Counter-Attacks & Lifesaver Procedure
Counter-Attacks can be achieved during defense rolls if you roll a natural 20. You succeed in defending yourself, and are given the opportunity to get an extra attack in before the round ends. You will roll again, as if you were attacking and you deal the damage of your second roll. If you fail, nothing happens and you deal and take no damage.

Alternatively, you can choose to save one nearby ally from their failing defense roll, keeping both you and your ally from harm.

Division Bonuses
There are four different division in the Vanguard, each serving a unique purpose on the field of battle. Each are divvied up as a sort of 'class' in a sense, so certain division may fare better in certain situations.

Depending on your division, you will receive a passive bonus to certain roll-performing actions, or 'skills'. This promotes the idea of optimizing your character to be good at certain things instead of just killing stuff. Certainly, a mountaineer would have an easier time traversing tough terrain than say, a sorcerer.

The following are examples of what might earn you a bonus to certain types of actions/rolls. These aren't just limited to these things, and often the DM will let you know what kind of stat applies to what roll. As far as rolling for skills goes, it's up to the DM's judgement to decide what type of rolls fall under certain skill checks.

Infantry receive bonuses to these skills:
Endurance (Less likely to be victim of physical actions)
Knowledge of Dungeoneering (Combat, Maneuver tactics)
Moving Physical Objects (or People)
Survival Tactics

Mountaineers receive bonuses to these skills:
Acrobatics (Actions or movement by unconventional means)
Handling Animals
Knowledge of Geography & Nature
Sneak (Move unnoticed)

Sorcerers receive bonuses to these skills:
Awareness (Note of your surroundings)
Diplomacy (People skills)
Knowledge of Magical Devices
Sense Magic

Medical receive bonuses to these skills:
Non-Combat Healing rolls
Medical Knowledge
Inspiration (Buffs)
Knowledge of Specialization (Divinity, Elements, ect.)

It's important to note that what the bonus you receive for certain skills is entirely up to the DM. You may get as little as a +1 or even higher than that, all depending on the situation. When you receive a bonus, you are advised to include it in your emote. For example, a +1 bonus was added to my roll, it would look something like this in-game:

[Raid Leader]: The cliff side crumbles as boulders tumble down the gorge, roll d20 to get away safely! (Mountaineers get a +1 bonus to their rolls!)
Redbeard rolls 5 (1-20)
Redbeard clumsily dodges the boulders, falling on his face before getting back up to make his way to the other side of the gorge! (Rolled 5+1, -1 DMG)


Now all this information may seem complicated, but it really isn't once you get it into practice. Over all, this simple system will help people to be able to have a more fun experience in D20 events!

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