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This post has been edited by Thorrson as needed and the ranks and progression systems have changed. PLEASE reread this now that it's been updated. Our dearest apologies to Vakos, for mangling his post as the need arises.

What you need to know (What's changed immediately):

-Rank and file soldiers no longer need to complete trials to ascend to Ironguard. They need to apply themselves in attendance, and be active in the guild to advance.

-Mountain Guard rank still requires the completion of all seven trials. Each trial for your division remains unchanged, but can now be completed optionally up to Ironguard.

-Ironguard forging events are BACK. Before achieving Ironguard, you will speak to an officer and have a weapon of your choice (with a mog of your choice) forged for you, with you taking part in the creation.

"From times of Titans, the Earthen were there to shape and build the earth. They crafted mountains and carved out rivers and lakes. The very face of Azeroth is made by their creation. But like all, they fell. They became the dwarves, carrying on the legacy of their forebearers in the honour and strength of the Titan who made them.

Long lost to even the most learned were the Trials by which these dwarves of stone and iron brought forth to prove their worthiness to their creators. These Trials tested the brute force, cunning, wisdom, and guidance. From these Trials, they brought forth a civilization that triumphed over any other. With these Trials, they formed the bulwark against the enemies of their world and proved to be a safeguard for their people.

On this, the Dwarves Vanguard reignites the flame of this forgotten practice. With this, the Vanguard grows in strength as they always will. For Thane and Mountain, shield-brothers and shield-sisters!"

The Trials of Progression
New Guild Progression System


After much deliberation, consultation with current and former officers, and hard work, the leadership of the Dwarven Vanguard has decided to change the way the guild ranks and promotions work. In order to keep up the long history of roleplaying excellence, the way by which members of the guild move up through the ranks will now have a heavy storytelling element. Dwarves will now need to progress through a series of seven trials, each specific to their Division. This means seven unique Trials for Infantry, seven unique Trials for Mountaineers, seven unique Trials for sorcerers, and seven unique Trials for Medics.

These trials are not required to reach the rank of Ironguard, but can be completed in increments at your appropriate rank (3 at Dragoon, 3 at Warbrand, and the final one at Ironguard)

A quick overview of general rank progression.

Recruit: The newbies. Recruits and higher can attend events and wear the Vanguard tabard while off-duty if they wish.
Recruit to Dragoon:

-Attend 5 RP or RP-PVP events with the Vanguard
- Remain in good standing with the Dwarven Vanguard
-Recieve or otherwise gather the pieces of your full uniform

Dragoon: The consistant attendants. Dragoons and higher can, IC, use Vanguard pay on upkeep of their uniform. Dragoons can complete the first THREE trials of their division.
Dragoon to Warbrand:

- Attend a total of 15 RP or RP-PvP events with the Vanguard
- Be an active member of the Dwarven Vanguard in terms of attendance and PVP performance
- Remain in good standing with the Dwarven Vanguard

Warbrand: The seasoned Soldier. Warbrands and higher have the IC right to handle Vanguard Gunpowder and Vanguard ale rations. Warbrands can complete the first SIX trials of their division.
Warbrand to Ironguard:

- Attend your Ironguard Forging Event. This event is all about you and your accomplishments. Each Soldier will recieve a weapon of their own choice, made by their brothers-in-arms of the Vanguard
- Attend a total of 25 RP or RP-PVP events with the Vanguard
- Lead at least one RP or PvP event with the Vanguard
- Be an active member of the Dwarven Vanguard in terms of attendance and PVP performance
- Remain in good standing with the Dwarven Vanguard

Ironguard: The tempered soldier. Ironguards are afforded more respect than the average Vanguard soldier. Their personal weapon marks them as someone who's given time and effort to the Vanguard. Ironguards and higher have the IC right to interview potential members of the Vanguard, though the actual approval must be taken to an officer.
Ironguard to Mountain Guard:

- Complete all 7 of the Trials of Progression for your division. These can be completed at any time throughout your rank, but only in the increments
- Run at least 2 events total.
- Be an active member of the Dwarven Vanguard in terms of attendance and PVP performance
- Remain in good standing with the Dwarven Vanguard

Mountain Guard: The Officer. Mountain Guards are the cream of the crop, the potential officers of the Vanguard. The time and effort they've put into their work thus far has proven their dedication and love of the Vanguard. Mountain Guards MAKE THEIR OWN UNIFORM, are referred to by the title of MAGNA, and have ACCESS TO OFFICER CHAT. Make no mistake, Mountain Guard is EARNED.

This is of course a very basic idea of how to progress through the ranks. The Trials themselves, how to do the Trials, and why we want you to do the Trials will be covered over the next few posts in this forum. But please note the following in terms of changes:

- Attendance is highly encouraged for all members, but attendance is no longer the thing driving promotions past Ironguard (you can't just show up and not participate anymore)
- The direct PVP requirements have been removed from Warbrand and Ironguard

-All Trials must be completed before achieving Mountain Guard

What are the Trials?

The Trials are multi-tiered, heavy RP system for guild promotions. The Trials will be a 1 on 1 (or small groups on one) with an active officer. It will most likely be your Captain, their Lieutenant, an appropriate Mountain Guard, a General or even the Thane. We will make appropriate accommodations for officers who are sometimes not as active. The Trial will consist of you being taken to a location and having to perform a task. The task may be a test of your character's personality, a /20 DnD event, or merely a test of your RPing ability. It depends on the Trials themselves (please see below for specific details).

Why are we doing the Trials?

After much discussion amongst the officers, there was the belief that ranks had become fairly irrelevant, and it was a matter of time and not effort to become an Ironguard or Mountain Guard. The officers felt there needed to be a more personal attachment to a members' progression through the ranks. Dwaldin had proposed this idea just after the 6.0 launch, and we all ran with it (the numerous pages on the officer forum post developing this idea can be evidence enough). We want to further immense you into some of the best RP that World of Warcraft has to offer, and give you a great experience.

Time has proven that the Trials, while interesting and a great gateway into leading your own events, are not the sort of progression a lot of people are interested in. We've found that Recruits and Dragoons tend to stay that way rather than working up to Warbrand or Ironguard, unless they're really interested in the Vanguard's Progression-- and in that case, they usually work up to Mountain Guard posthaste!

The goal of this rework is to make the progression a little more varied, and to allow people the opportunity to become Warbrands and Ironguards more often and with more ease.

Why should I do the Trials?

If you don't want to do the Trials, we will not force you. It is purely based off the initiative you ICly take to talk to an officer. That is the point: in order to do the Trials, you'll need to want to do the Trials. We are more than happy to let casual players or alts stay at Dragoon, enjoying the full privileges of the guild.

You should want to do these Trials for two main reasons. The first is your love for storytelling and role-play; these events will give you the development you need to become an officer. It will give you time one on one with an officer, which can be a great way to build a lasting relationship with the guild. The second is the progression itself. If you are devoted, active, and willing, this can be a super fun rocket ride to the top. Simply put, if you are a great role-player then this system will benefit you tremendously.

I don't get what these Trials are? Why are there seven?

Dwaldin introduced this idea to us in the form of an analogy. For those familiar with Game of Thrones, an appropriate analogue would be the Maester's Chain. Maesters assemble a 'Chain', where the links of this chain are earned by learning about various things. Examples include scholarly pursuits like medicine, economics, astronomy, etc. We are taking this idea, but it making it more dwarfish and #savage.

Each Division will be earning different tokens in these Trials. Despite being different objects, they aid in the same progression through the ranks. Infantry will be earning different animal bones. Mountaineers will be earning different feathers. Sorcerers will be earning different magical stones. Medics will be earning different magical runes. The technical IC explanation for these are purely ornamental and for bragging rights, and can be used in any IC way. (Vakos is currently wearing a necklace with a boar bone around his neck)

The number seven was chosen for the Trials for two reason. First, seven is a cool number which holds meaning in a lot of cultures around the world, so why not. Second, it fits nicely into the rank progression [3/3/1].

I'm a shaman who can be a mountaineer, a sorcerer, or a medic, which one do I choose?

If you are a class (paladin, monk, shaman, priest) that can fit into more than one division, you must belong to only one division. Once you choose that division, you continue on that division's trials only. Switching is a messy process, so we encourage all members to stick to one spec and division.

Do I need to do them in order?

While there are some exceptions for Infantry and Sorcerers, yes you do. The Trials are arranged so that they build on the skills and lessons of each other. They are also arranged in terms of difficulty, as well as later Trials being tests for being an officer of the Dwarven Vanguard.

Are there any trials that aren't part of the progression?

While it hasn't been entirely discussed, there is the potential for us to build on this system. Some ideas have been kicked around for potential extra Trials once a member reaches Mountain Guard.

Extraneous examples may include Berserking, Bloodlust, Gryphon Riding, Necromancy, Resurrection, Diplomacy, History, Smithing, Riding. But these are not currently being offered.

Trials by Division

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