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Trials of the Novice

    Day in the Infirmary:
    Once reaching the rank of Dragoon, the aspiring medic will be able to observe and aid others within the infirmary. Here they will learn basic techniques of practice within the setting, such as knowing what tools and materials are needed for certain tasks.

    Reward: [Rune of the Observant] - Image

    Poisons and Anti-Venom:
    The medic will be educated on various and common poisons, then into more detailed ones; with the assistance of an expert on poisons. They will learn the first response method to removing poisons from an individual, and know which remedies counteract which poisons. They then will be tested on a subject to prove their knowledge.

    Reward: [Rune of the Pure] - Image

    Lacerations and Flesh Wounds:
    With guidance, medics will learn their expertise in bandages and how to apply them properly. They will know how to stop bleeding as fast as possible to potentially save lives. Different types of medicines will be introduced to ease flesh wounds and close them up efficiently and effectively.

    Reward: [Rune of Renewal] - Image

Trials of the Adept

    Fractures and Broken Bones:
    Without the guidance of a teacher, the medics will understand how to treat broken bones and inform patients how they should tend to their fractures with the knowledge they learned. Temporary techniques to minimize the damage and pain will also be known. They will then be tested on their knowledge in a safe environment.

    Reward: [Rune of Amends] - Image

    Battlefield Medic:
    One of the more difficult tasks to complete, the medic will be tested on how well they perform under stressful environements such as the battlefield as may be necessary within a military unit. This certain trial can only be completed during/while on a mission with the vanguard and the time arises that an individual needs medical attention.

    Reward: [Rune of the Servant] - Image

    Trauma Operation:
    A true test of one's combination of knowledge, faith and willingness. This experienced medic will be tasked to deal with a life-threatening situation. The life of a fellow kin are in their hands, it is up to them to be able to prevail by successfully putting a stop to their death.

    Reward: [Rune of the Guardian] - Image

Trial of the Hero

    Before the mender can serve others, they must serve themselves. One of true service cannot alone rely on worldly knowledge to attest their peers, they must go and discover what they seek inside. Be that as it may, they must commune with the elements, the Light or through meditation. These medics must go find solitude and perform a great act of service. This is heavily based on an individual basis: considering their class, faith, and other factors. These pilgrimages are constructed to be unique to each medic embarking on them.

    Reward: [Rune of the Enlightened] - Image

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