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    1. Guild members and recruits should have a good understanding of the English language.
    2. Please remain respectful at all times when using /say or /yell in an OOC capacity.
    3. Treat other players with respect. This includes stuff like not making suggesting comments, respecting chosen pronouns, being mature and generally maintaining our good reputation.
    4. If you need to correct a misspelled word or phrase, do it in character. EX: If you say, "were was that?" Simply say in character, "Where even." or "Where, I mean." Do not have extended conversations in brackets.
    5. Must uphold the name of the guild through quality roleplay. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it!
    6. Must wear uniform at all times when attending in-character events with the guild.
    7. Must understand and obey the hierarchy of the guild, and adhere to the strict military wetting we have created. (Understand that we are laid back on certain things, but when it's time to be serious, be serious.)
    8. Do no /spit at enemy players. However, you may spit on the ground to show your disgust.
    9. Follow the RP-PVP rules of engagement.
    10. Non-officers are limited to three characters total, AKA one main and two alts.
    11. Your character name cannot be an exact of important lore characters or characters from fiction. EX: "Bilbo Baggins" is not allowed but "Bilbo Stonebraid" is allowed. (Officers will decide what qualifies as "important".)
    12. Try to keep debates involving politics or religion to a minimum - some discussion can be fun and interesting, but sometimes there's just no common ground to be found. Take it to DMs if it's just you and the other person completely taking over a channel.
    13. Be respectful to everyone when having discussions in discord, even if they're not in the guild. ( Do not disrespect other members of the community or guilds in the discord.)
    14. Event's such as Ironguard and Bael Guard forgings must be hosted in game and cannot be hosted over discord.

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