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Thanks to Maxen and the Warcraft Conquest community for allowing us to use this system!

Unless specified otherwise by the person leading the event, we typically use the popular Conquest system at our events.
Simplified ruleset:
Character sheet:

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Conquest Overview

- Players start with 10 health
- A player who lost all their health will be "knocked out" until healed.
- You can take or deal damage based on your combat roll:

1You take 6 damage.
2-3You take 3 damage.
4-6You take 2 damage.
7-9You take 1 damage.
10-11No effect.
12-14Deal 1 damage.
15-17Deal 2 damage.
18-19Deal 3 damage.
20Deal 6 damage.

Roll 1: You take 6 damage
Roll 2-3: You take 3 damage
Roll 4-6: You take 2 damage
Roll 7-9: You take 1 damage
Roll 10-11: No effect
Roll 12-14: Deal 1 damage
Roll 15-17: Deal 2 damage
Roll 18-19: Deal 3 damage
Roll 20: Deal 6 damage

- Damage dealt in a combat roll may be applied as healing.
- You may take damage in place of an ally if you roll a draw or higher.
- A Dungeon Master may call for an environmental damage roll.
- A Dungeon Master may call for a perception roll.

(This list only scratches the surface. Please bookmark the google doc linked at the top or save it somewhere so you can use it as a reference!)

Vanguard Division Perks

In our guild we have a small addition to the Conquest system. Members from each of the divisions get a division-specific perk to use. These perks can be used on top of your normal Conquest D20 perks and are only active in our own guild events

 Mountaineers: Precision Strike - Deal 3 additional damage. Even if the attack roll is unsuccessful, 3 damage dealt to a target of your choice!

Example: Roll is 9. Take 1 damage and deal 3 damage to a target of your choice.

 Sorcerers: Spellweaver's Zeal - You may roll combat twice this turn, each roll stands on its own. Stacks with effects like Overcharge.

Example: Overcharge, roll 20 and 15. 2 * (6 + 2) = 16 damage total.

Example: Roll 1 and 1. (-6 + -6) = 12 damage taken.

 Medical: Healing Hand - Heal a friendly target for 2 hp. This is in addition to whatever your roll gives you this turn.

Example: Roll 10. Healing Hand used to heal a target for 2 hp despite null roll in a dire situation.

 Infantry: Stone and Steel - You deal 2 more damage OR take 2 less damage this round.  This can reduce the total damage to 0.

Example: Berzerker type warrior rolls 18. (3 + 2 from Stone and Steel) = 5 damage total

Example: Tank type warrrior rolls 4. (2 damage + -1 damage reduction from plate + -1 reduction from Stone and Steel) = 0 damage taken.

Up to you which side of this you use, in which encounter!

All divisions: Grungnir's Resolve -  You may re-roll your dice this turn. Doesn't count to your use of the division perk.

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