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Advancing through the ranks requires a few things. First of all, remaining in good standing with the guild. Attending a certain amount of events. Hosting some of your own. Most notably, you'll need to complete the Trials of Progression for your Division to advance beyond Warbrand. 

Recruits in the Vanguard are typically already accomplished soldiers or warriors in some sense. They were recruited by the Vanguard after being recognized for their prowess.

Dragoons have completed their training and are starting to get accustomed to their Division.

Warbrands are seasoned veterans of the Vanguard. They show their grit during the branding ceremony by holding a burning coal in their bare hand.

Ironguards are exceptional soldiers who have successfully completed many difficult missions and trials. They have earned the right to create and wield a masterwork weapon of their own.

A Bael Guard is the best at what they do. They are seen as an expert in their field and can wear a custom uniform to their own specification.

Trials of Progression by Division


Rank Progression

Recruit to Dragoon

- Attend 5 RP or RP-PVP events with the Vanguard
- Have made a profile post on the forums (Profiles)
- Remain in good standing with the Dwarven Vanguard
- Receive or otherwise gather the pieces of your full uniform

Dragoon to Warbrand
- Attend a total of 15 RP or RP-PvP events with the Vanguard
- Be an active member of the Dwarven Vanguard in terms of attendance and PVP performance
- Remain in good standing with the Dwarven Vanguard

Warbrand to Ironguard
- Complete 6 Trials of Progression for your division. The first three can be done after becoming a Dragoon, and the last four are unlocked after becoming a Warbrand.
- Attend a total of 25 RP or RP-PVP events with the Vanguard
- Run one event (beside your Ironguard Forging).
- Host your own Ironguard Forging Event. This event is all about you and your accomplishments. Each Soldier will receive a weapon of their own choice, made by their brothers-in-arms of the Vanguard. This event will serve as your promotion so be sure to meet the other requirements first!

Ironguard to Bael Guard
- Host two events as an Ironguard
- Complete the legendary 7th Trial of Progression- Host your Forging Event where you create a piece of armor or a set of armor as your new uniform. This event will serve as your promotion so be sure to meet the other requirements first!

Bael Guard to Mountain Guard

This is the first officer rank, and is reserved for special occasions and old officers.

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