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Name: Valkorunn Darklocke

Class: Beastmaster Hunter

Status: Main

Character Info: (Very crude as of this moment)

Valkorunn is a young dwarf who has spent most of his life thus far in and around Dun Morogh. Boredom mixed with an increasing itch for adventure has pushed Valkorunn to leave the snowy peaks of his home region, and see for himself the state of the world. He traveled with the melting snow, into Loch Modan and down to the Wetlands. His current aim is to push onward to the plaguelands, to join the Alliance on the front line and help push back the undead.

A skilled hunter, Valkorunn prides himself in his ability to hit moving targets - even while staying on the move himself! Having spent countless hours cleaning his rifle, he has developed an interest in Engineering, which he pursues as a casual hobby. As a beastmaster, his curiosity extends to the animal kingdom. Most notable, he is interested in the exotic and uncommon. Soldiers returning from Northrend speak of great mammoths that roam the tundra. Valkorunn believes taming such a beast would certainly prove to be a testament to his skills as a beastmaster.

Having spent his life among dwarves, his grasp of the common tongue is sub-par. With the exception of gnomes, non-dwarves might have trouble communicating with him. 

About the player:

I'm a 22 year old guy from the Netherlands (yes, in Europe). I'm a returning WoW player who was lured to this US server by some american friends of mine. I have fond memories of a dwarven military RP guild I used to be a part of back when I played on european servers, so I figured I would check out this guild. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up ingame!

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