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You are probably here because we requested it of you. You've applied to this website and now you're sort of wondering why.

Well here's the deal. We like to know a little bit about who you are as a person and an RPer. So we have you post here a little bit of stuff about you, your character, how you play, how long you've been playing... that sorta stuff.

There is NO TEMPLATE for this.

But we do ask you to include the following somewhere in your application.

Please use your character's full name as the title of your profile post!

Please don't feel obligated to give us this and no more. We want to hear more about your character and who you are. Make it an IC application if you want. But, come on, let's not get lazy here, people.

In-game name: With umlauts, crossed-os and everything. Find a way to get those funky letters into the app because I use /who to find you.


In-game class: This will probably be one of the classes Blizzard gave us to play with. If for some reason your character isn't one of those things, let us know here (we're probably going to ask a bit of background on why).

Whether or not you are putting this dwarf into the vanguard as your alt or your main: I am the first to admit alts are a glorious thing. But we want to know how often we should expect you around. There's no accounting for IRL stuff, so just a simple 'alt' or 'main' will do fine for us. I love you.



Name: Kolgan Felhorde (Felhorde is an alias, actual last name is Deepwater, for records purposes)

Rank: Captain

Class: Marksman/Survival hunter. (Marks for pvp, Surv for pve)

Status: Kolgan has been my main since I created him in vanilla.

A little bit about the character:

Kolgan grew up in Loch Modan. He never knew his real parents, but he was raised by the Deepwater family. He grew up working in the family business fishing and selling bait and tackle. (The destruction of the Stonewrought Dam and the draining of the Loch hit him VERY hard). He left the Loch when he came of age and joined the Ironforge Guard. After finding he had considerable skill with a rifle, he transferred to the Ironforge Mountaineers and made a name for himself keeping the troll incursion into Dun Morogh in check. His skill was noticed by a member of the Vanguard and he was formally invited to join their elite ranks.

A little bit about the player:

My name is Zac, I'm 25, and I've been playing WoW since release, although I've only been roleplaying for three years or so. I started out on Argent Dawn, then transferred to Whisperwind, then Bronzebeard, and now I've found my home on Moon Guard. I enjoy all aspects of WoW, from pvp to rp to raiding.

I don't bite, so if you need anything, do not hesitate to ask!




Barnuk Stonefist




Again, there is no template for the application, however you are welcome to follow the example above (Kolgan, NOT Barnuk.)

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