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Name: Khudaal Silverbelt

Rank/Division: Ironguard of the Mountaineering Division

Class: Assassination Rogue

Status: Alive

About Khudaal:

Khudaal was born in Thelsamar, the only child of his parents. Khudaal's father died a few months before he was born, so he was raised by his mother, a woman who taught him the life lessons he holds to today. As he grew up, he learned how to hunt the bears in the surrounding woods, and later joined the Rangers of Loch Modan. When he learned of his mother's death at the hands of an orcish raiding party, he traveled south to recover her remains, only to find that she had been buried under the Light at Northshire Abbey. This led to Khudaal hating all orcs, and distrusting those who use the Light. His anger at his mothers death pushed him to join the Defias Gang, where he spent many years preying upon the people of Elwynn, Westfall, and Duskwood. Becoming infamous as the Crimson Reaper, the gang drugged sold him to a cult to keep people from catching on to their work. At the mercy of the cult, Khudaal lived over a decade as their pawn, a prisoner inside his own body as they forced him to do all manner of unspeakable crimes against the people of the Wetlands, where the cult was operating. Eventually regaining control of his mind through the amount of guilt he was feeling, he fled the cult and joined the Dwarven Vanguard, who offered him a new home and family. He serves them to this day, dedicated to his service.

About me:

I'm Adam, a 20 y/o college student based in New Jersey. I started playing WoW back in WoD, on the server Moonrunner. In Legion, I was part of a guild called <Untold Retribution>, a guild who were very into raiding and being ahead of the curve. I soon got sick of that style of gameplay, and wanted something more out of my fantasy game. When I learned about Moonguard, I switched servers immediately.

My first OC was a Blood Elf named Luiran. He's still floating around with <First Light>, but I didn't play him all that much. My love for fantasy has always rested with the dwarves. Khudaal was originally meant to be a Robin Hood type character, prowling Elwynn forest to protect and aid lower-level players, and challenge higher-level players to combat. When I met the Dwarven Vanguard on one of their recruitment events in Stormwind, I changed my mind about the character, and had him join up. Been playing with you folks ever since.

I still love raiding and dungeoning, though I no longer try to be at the top of the ranks. I really enjoy PvP, though I'm not all that great at it. But most of all, I love RP, and have tons of fun writing and attending events.

I look forward to writing the next chapter of Khudaal's story with you! Until next time-

-Khudaal Silverbelt


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