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Name: Ragnarr Ungart

Rank: Recruit

Class: "Grudgebearer" - Fury Warrior (I don't PvP, Fury is just so I can shield and Great Weapon for Transmog. Also, Fury for RP.)

Status: Begrudge, the character name, is new. I made him exclusively for Dwarf RP. I'm a huge fan of Dwarves in Fantasy settings, although never got into WoW Dwarves, ironically enough. Hopefully you guys can aid me in this endeavor! He is active.

A Little Bit About the Character

Ragnarr Ungart is heir to being the Patriarch of the Ungart Clan. Currently, he holds their Book of Grudges, with all known trespasses against his Clan's honor. He's two-hundred and twenty-one years old, and has seen conflict in all four Wars, serving the Alliance, specifically under his Clan's banner in Ironforge's armies. He's infantry, through and through, always preferring the heaviest armor and the largest axe or hammer around. He's stoic, speaks a lot of Dwarvish rather than Common, and has an impeccable beard, as all Dwarves should. He protects his friends and allies as though they were his Clan, and Ragnarr expresses a bit of hatred toward Elves, Orcs and... Well... The Horde in general. Blackbloods, Knife-Ears, Greenskins, Cows... He's called them all sorts of names.

A Little Bit About the Player

Hello! My name is Tanner! I've been on Moon Guard since the end of Wrath, and have mained a Worgen DK primarily since, character name Kirteh. I love Dwarves in Fantasy settings, the foremost one being Warhammer Fantasy. This love of their lore and characterization will inevitably lead to tons of references in my RP and Dwarf character(s) of the Ungart Clan, whether it be through certain mechanics such as the Book of Grudges, his demeanor or even spoken Khazalid - which has been translated to a WoW setting as an off-shoot of Dwarvish, that Clan Ungart has 'devolved' and started a new dialect, basically. I live in Pennsylvania, so I am EST time-wise, and I work a lot, unfortunately. I promise to give this guild as much as I can, but as the head cook of an under-staffed steakhouse, I am a bit stretched thin at the moment. I also play a Tideguard, Alexandre Abercrombie, in the Tenth Fleet. My favorite color is Green, with Prussian Blue as a close second. Favorite movie is Django Unchained. I don't do PvP. Like, at all. I suck at it. Hell, I suck at doing basic content - but I do try my best! RP is my bread and butter. Hopefully I'll learn all the Dwarf lore I can with you lot and have a great bunch of fun whilst doing so!

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Valkorunn said: May 12, 2021, 11:39 a.m. (1 year, 4 months ago) #4

Welcome to the guild! Bonus points for reading the information in Discord carefully and taking the time to write up your profile!

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Sept. 29, 2022, 12:53 a.m.

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