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Name: Thaela Featherfall

Rank/Division: Recruit of Mountaineering

Class: Enhancement Shaman

Status: Alive

About Thaela:  I haven't gotten a chance to write up to much, as most of it I would like to have eventually found out via RP. But I did write up a short story about her time during the Cataclysm in the Twilight Highlands fighting against the Dragonmaw Clan.

She stands about 3'6'' which I understand is rather short for a Dwarf, the oldest of a set of Twins and the apple of her father's eye. She carries the dormant Stormhammer of her fallen sister, so that one day she can smash the orc's face in who killed her sister.

About Dusky: Can't write about Thaela and forget about the most important part, her Gryphon Dusktalon. A stubborn creature who loves Thaela with every feather on her body. Shes somewhat a giant mother hen, and is often seen preening Thaela's hair making a right mess of it, but if you ask Dusktalon it looks fabulous!

About Me:  Hello my name is Ashley, but many of you know me on server as the little Lt Peregrin Ramsey from the Tenth Fleet the Kul Tiran Firecracker herself *flex*. I've been actively roleplaying for *coughtwentycough* years. Many years of which have been in different forms of leadership or ownership of ye old MSN chatrooms or forums! I've been playing Warcraft since vanilla but only got brave enough to finally begin roleplaying on wow during Brewfest 2018. I had actually made Thaela before the Conquest in Northrend, to approach to join but I ended up going with Peregrin instead which I don't regret because server interaction has lead me to the Vanguard none the less.

I come from Middle Earth also known as New Zealand but currently live in Melbourne Australia, where everything can kill me. I should be able to make events, though I am in the Tenth Fleet officer core so at times my focus will be there. But things are easing up to the point I can actively have a second character and I really want to develop Thaela with the Vanguard. I do have some health issues I am working through, this doesn't usually effect my ability to roleplay with guilds unless they put me in hospital.

When I am not actively Rping, I tend to watch a lot of movies thanks to Alex/Ragnarr Ungart, this also goes with my new love of Warhammer Total War 2 which I can blame him for also. I also create shitty pixel art and make it into cross-stitch on plastic canvas which I take commissions for (mostly pokemon pixel art and pokemon badges but also other stuff).

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As the war against the vile Naga drags on The Council of Three Hammers expresses their gratitude to the service-dwarves who fought in recent battles with Naga forces, and calls for a moment of silence at sunset to remember the 18 dwarves who laid down their lives. Wreaths will be laid at the Pit of Coals in the Ironforge Military District on Thursday.

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