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Name: Brokkr Grimmbeard 

Rank: Recruit

Class: Enhancment Shaman 

Status: Main ( Alive and kicking )

Character Appearance: Brokrr is fairly tall for a dwarf standing at 4'9 and weighs 235lbs. He has fiery red hair which has been shaved save for a solitary crest -- a fearsome plume stiffend with pig grease. A long beard braided and tucked into his belt. He forgoes most armor in exchange for the garb of a Wildhammer Shaman.

Character Personality: He is quite calm and collected unless his tragic past be brought to light. The loss of his wife and child during the Cataclysm have left him with severe bouts of depression, which he drowns in vast quantities on mead and ale. So much in fact that it would be enough to kill a grown man should they try and match horns. He prefers to avoid the company of others except for his large Kul Tiran friend whom he affectionately refers to as "Over grown manling", his Gryphon "Goldplume" who has been his friend through many dangers, and as of recently his newly deemed brothers and sisters of the Dwarven Vanguard. The nickname, "Drengi" meaning Slayer was given to him by his colleagues for his, and his Gryphons, ferocity in battle during the Northrend campaigns and the following skirmishes in the Highlands following the Cataclysm.

The man behind the keyboard: My name is Jesse, I live in Florida after having a long stretch in Alaska as a Cannabis Cultivator. I started playing WoW back when Cataclysm dropped and have been on and off again ever since. This is my longest stretch to date and with Dragonflight being so close I plan on sticking around. My brother ( The overgrown manling lol ) mains a Kul Tiran and I'm usually playing with him.

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