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Full Name: Crura Darkmine, of Clan Darkmine

Rank: N/A, hopeful Recruit

Class: OOC she's a Warrior, IC she's a Champion, a Sister of Steel, and an Avatar of Flame!

Sister of Steel Info: Contrary to the RPG where this Prestige Class emerges, I'm playing it more similar to the Avatar prestige class from the Warcraft RPG. I.E., instead of becoming a being of living stone and metal, she simply takes on qualities associated with stone and metal but remains mortal. Just a lot more sturdy! Avatar of Flame is just normal Avatar, BUT ON FIRE!

Status: Crura is not currently my main, but she was during WoD and Legion (yes, I played her as a Dark Iron back then!), she's honestly my first serious roleplay character, and I miss playing her (just been lacking a reason).

History: Crura was born almost exactly a hundred years ago, the eldest daughter of a sorcerous thane. Ignored for lacking magical talent, she was raised primarily by her mother, an elite guard of Shadowforge City. Following in her footsteps, Crura excelled in martial practices, and even led battles against the orcs of the upper spire once it was 'free reign' to do so following the Second War. However, her mother would get killed by the 'heroes' who assassinated her emperor! Recruited by the General her mother once guarded, Crura was almost treated like a daughter by him, and taught smithcraft as well. This unlocked something in her soul, and she grew stronger, sturdier, a sister of steel in the making, it was as if the very forge sang to her!

Her adventures since have been wild, from following a Bronzebeard Thane, named Furgas Steelgrasp, to dating a Bronzebeard Paladin named Modarin Slatefist, she even fought with the Legionfall, going the extra step of joining the battle on Argus itself! However, a mortal injury left her imbued with a fragment of Xe'ra's own crystalline form, saving her life and giving Crura relatively minor Light-based powers.

However, Argus had more in store for her then simply a brush with death, as upon her return? Modarin moved on, thinking she was dead. Her great grandmother captured her, tortured her, and removed the crystal of Light that had saved her life, and in the end? She was alone and bitter. Only now did she seek further progress as a sister of steel, regaining that power that she had once discarded but losing her left arm in the process.

Forswearing replacement arms, either mechanical or magical, Crura has worked with engineers to instead develop a forge and shield-system to allow her to work and fight with only one arm. For craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality, but far slower then it once was. Her combat skill however, has only heightened.

The Player: I've been playing World of Warcraft since the Burning Crusade when I was around 7 years old or so (turning 8 that year), only reaching max level in Wrath of the Lich King on my formerly troll hunter, Zulatobari, now a night elf to play with my friends. Late into Cataclysm, I tried to get into RP but was rejected by a trollish guild on the server 'Twisting Nether', and so made my dwarf 'Kalrum', to join Clan Battlehammer on Emerald Dream. I am still in Clan Battlehammer, today, on the same character and have since ascended to the rank of General among them and even admin their Discord server!

Roleplay and PvP are my two biggest joys in WoW, as PvE has always bored me. I've RPed since the end of WoD on Wyrmrest Accord, when I first made Crura, and currently play Greatforge, the First Shield of the Assembly of Three Hammers on Moonguard as well other dwarven toons like Crura and Mairla! I still do Horde-related RP on WRA, both as an officer of the Shadowtusk Clan, an all-troll RP guild, and as a member of Sunfury Battalion (to which I hold myself to the Code of Conduct of Clan Battlehammer).

I heavily enjoy D20-based systems, like those found in D&D, Pathfinder, and in player-created ones such as Shadowtusk's System, Traitforge, and Conquest. Its not hard to find me tinkering with varied ideas I have regarding such systems!

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