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NAME: Bjorn "Bjorn" Bjornkin, "Bjorn" coming from his last name shortened, not his first name.

RANK: Recruit

CLASS and SPEC:  Enhancement Shaman

STATUS: Active and ready

Appearance:  A large and very muscular dwarf, standing at 4'10". Weighing nearly 300 pounds when armor is on, this dwarf is made almost entirely of muscle and bone, plus a bit of a gut. He has a bald head marked by runic knots of Wildhammer green. His eyes are a matching forest color and his beard is a deep and dark brown. Though nearly middle-aged at 153, he appears hearty and healthy and acts youthful.

History:  Bjorn was born in the Highlands as many of his clan were. Being raised before and in the wake of the War of Three Hammers, he was no stranger to death and war. Even at a young age, it was clear to his shaman parents that he had been chosen to become a shaman as well, as he was able to move stone with just a thought and able to conjure sparks with a snap of his fingers. His training as a shaman was fast, as he learned quickly, and before long he came of age and was gifted a pair of Stormhammers from his mother and father. Additionally, he was given a gryphon egg to raise.
He struggled with raising the creature as it was stubborn and violent. Finally managing to understand it, the name Chucklenuts seemed to be the only thing it responded to, and thus, it stuck.

With every war that slammed against the Eastern Kingdoms, Bjorn fought and got stronger. He learned more about his powers and more ways to dispatch his foes. Most notably, Bjorn was summoned to the Maelstrom by the Earthen Ring and fought with them against the Legion. And as such, he became somewhat of a legendary member amongst their ranks for killing a Doom Guard captain by dropping down on him from hundreds of feet, slamming down with the force of a Storm, and marching away with only a spear through his shoulder.

For the most part, Bjorn's story is one of adventure, war, and understanding of Azeroth.

About the Player: Bjorn is played by... Bjorn! I'm an actor from Southern California who is currently trying to struggle through a degree while working. I'm also a writer and have been writing since I was about 10. I'm also a part of an IRL guild of performers who travel around SoCal and to Vegas to perform at Ren Faires. We do sword combat, hand-to-hand combat, and other things to hurt ourselves and be the big, mean, bad guys. If you wanna learn how to sword fight, shoot a bow, or how to win in almost any physical fight, just hmu!

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As the war against the vile Naga drags on The Council of Three Hammers expresses their gratitude to the service-dwarves who fought in recent battles with Naga forces, and calls for a moment of silence at sunset to remember the 18 dwarves who laid down their lives. Wreaths will be laid at the Pit of Coals in the Ironforge Military District on Thursday.

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