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Name: Odron Troggbane (Troggbane was a title earned through combat, real surname is Twinhammer)

Rank: General

Class: Protection Warrior

A little bit about my character.


Odron was born in Loch Modan along with his twin sister Ovia, to his parents Gadron and Arlia Twinhammer. As his life went on in Loch Modan, Odron learned the trades of his family and took up engineering, though his true interest was to join the Ironforge Military which he would do when he came of age. 

After years of service with the Ironforge Guards, and only ever being sent on patrols or having had small skirmishes with the Frostmane Troll tribes and ever invasive Troggs, Odron would find a recruitment poster for the Dwarven Vanguard and setout to find the nearest recruitment office, and ended up finding the nearest recruitment office in the town of Thelsamar in Loch Modan. It is there that he was recruited to the infantry of the Dwarven Vanguard by General Thorrson Sternshot. 

Physical Description:

A Dwarf of average height and stocky build, with long blonde hair that would often be found tied up in a ponytail, along with a long beard and mustache. His skin was slightly tan though was more on the pale side, as years of living under a mountain would do that to anyone, his eyes were a light blue. 

A little bit about the Player.

My name is Troy, im 26, and i'm from Canada. I played WoW through TBC into WoTLK but stopped as I was playing at my neighbors as a young kid and didn't have my own PC. I officially started playing on my own PC during the end of CATA into MoP. I started out on the server of Khaz Modan but quickly moved over to MoonGuard when one of my buddies told me about RP in WoW. I knew right away that I wanted to RP a Dwarf because they're by far my favorite fantasy race of all time, so the day I joined MoonGuard was the same day I created Odron and joined TDV. I enjoy all aspects of wow from RP to PVP and Raiding. 

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Sept. 30, 2023, 2:24 p.m.

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