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Name: Rhallo Emberfoot

Rank: Recruit Mountaineer

OOC Class: Beast Master Hunter

IC Class: Gryphon Rider, Archer, & Master Tracker

Status: Rhallo is my main RP toon. I have a paladin who is my main for PVE.

A little bit about the character:

Rhallo is the last of his Clan due to the fall of Grim Batol. Being just a youngling, he attempted to turn to his cousins the Emberfoots of the Peak, only to be turned away due to a inner family dispute.

Now orphaned, Rhallo decided raise himself in the wilds of the Highlands learning to track, hunt, & survive off the land. He befriended several animals and choose to only consume vegetables & bugs in respect of those friendships. Several long years later he met a gryphon rider, Brida of Clan Doyle, who brought him back into civilization. The two married after a year, only to have Brida fall a decade later in a aerial battle against a drake. In honor of his wife, Rhallo took up her gryphon and joined the riders of Northeron, serving several years and becoming an officer. Rhallo retired after the third war and joined the Heart of the Mountain Institute where he dedicated himself in preserving the history of Grim Batol.

Having been successful in his endeavors, Rhallo now looks to serve on the front lines again by enlisting with the Dwarven Vanguard. He was also elected Senator of the Highlands for the Dwarven Senate.

Medals: The Grand Alliance Warhorn for the slaying of Bloodtusk.

A little bit about the player:

I'm from New Jersey & father to a 3yo girl so I apologize for the random AFKs in advance lol. I've been playing WoW since beta (now I feel old) I started on the Medivh server but moved over to Moonguard at the beginning of Legion after losing interest in hardcore raiding.  I mostly play on weekend evenings nowadays, but will log in on a weekday for an event if IRL permits.

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