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Name: Bargoth Cindergrip

Clan: Dark Iron

Court: Formerly Dagran Thaurissan's

Titles: Formerly "Deep-Thane of The Big Hole"

Class OOC/IC: Shaman/Dark Shaman


Bargoth was once a noble in Dagran Thaurissan's court; a noble like his father before him and his before his. Bargoth lead this mining town that was his family's legacy and did so with an even temper with pragmatic solutions. The goal was wealth for the town and of course wealth for the Thane. This cool-headed Thane was decently liked by his people, though in the mines he was an unruly foreman with many rules and restrictions. Some called him almost tyrannical. 

As the "Deep-Thane" Bargoth felt it was his obligation to lead the way on all mining operations for his small town. The Big Hole was known for Iron, Dark Iron, and finding gems to be crafted into jewlery. That being said when the crew found the thickest deposit of Obsidian they had ever seen, Bargoth quickly redirected all operations to the new site.

It was then that the whisper started to plague his dreams. He dreamed of a serpent with skin as violet as poison swimming around in a sea as black as ink. It sang to him and pleaded to him. It asked Bargoth to mine and mine through the obsidian and to peel back all the riches underneath. 

Of course, the Deep-Thane never remembered these visions. A step in the wrong direction for sure, but Bargoth got the message. Obsidian was great for Lavaforge armaments. So his mining town dug and dug through the Obsidian to the point that their picks broke and they needed to send the Thane and his company of salesmen back to Shadowforge.

Arriving back at Shadowforge the Thane saw that it was now under new Management. The entire race was newly enslaved to Ragnaros. Unfortunately, the obsessions of going deeper into his mines trumped his concern for the Firelord, and subjected him to the teaching of a Dark Shaman to achieve his goal of reaching the bottom of The Big Hole.

With the Elements newly enslaved and put to work, the Deep-Thane was able to dig ever so deeper, but the problems that arose from this reckless mining were met with disaster. 

Fire Elementals ignited gas veins and Earth Elementals caused cave-ins. The rise in deaths lowered the population and mining crew, but Bargoth continued his search for the dark riches beneath.

IT got to the point that at the tail end of the mining expedition, he even had his family mine themselves to death. The void called to him to release whatever was there and when he got there, his family dead behind him, Bargoth saw only the eye of the monster that called to him.

He ran and ran...A coward to the end. With the Death of Emperor Thaurissan and the complete disappearance of all of his people, Bargoth has lived in anonymity as a Sorcerer who commands the Elements with an iron fist, but nothing more. His sins are left hidden even from him by the darkness of those same whispers that haunt him every night. Serving now as a Flame-Speaker and Dark Iron Engineer, none have recognized this fallen Thane. No, they only see an old man. An old man with only so many tiring years left behind those eyes. He seeks battle. He seeks redemption for a reason he just can't remember. 

Description: The once firey red beard of Bargoth is now a stark white, either out of fear for the creature that still whispers in his nightmares or old age it isn't clear. Wrinkles that look more like chasms riddle his face telling a tale of cold dark nights wandering the dark tunnels of Redridge Mountains. The tattoos that mark him as Deep-Thane stretch across his skull and one single septum ring hangs from his nose.  It's said to be made of obsidian, and of course, a family heirloom. His body, like most old dwarves, seemed to only harden over time instead of brittle with exhaustion. Though one can sense the joints starting to go because there are some things that even being a sturdy dwarf can't fix (Damned Arthritis!). 


I've been playing this game for far too long and have long lost my sanity to the good and bad of WoW lore. I've seen lots of RP guilds rise, fall, change hands, and have been in too many to count over the years...fifteen I think. I love this game a lot, but I also love my kids and my life outside of the game so it always takes precedence. That said I also love DMing and thus joining this guild of salted RPers is a fun step in Roleplay for me. 

I also love PVP and heal/DPS

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