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Name: Osheun Windseer (Wildhammer)

Class: Mistweaver Monk (Main)

      Osheun was originally a deckhand for an expedition convoy in the Forbidden Sea. Osheun wanted to explore and discover ancient artifacts, ones no Dwarf had ever laid eyes on. Legend says their Captain angered one of the Titans after committing heinous acts against a lost, ancient Murloc civilization that has been living peacefully for thousands of years. Their ship was plunged to the depths of the unknown. 

    Miraculously, Osheun was able to return to the surface when she encountered the very same Murlocs. Their King said she had no place in their civilization, and that her destiny lay elsewhere; So they set her a-sail. Lost in the forbidden sea, she prayed to the gods and begged the Dwarven spirits to guide her to safety. Not long after, she came across the great Shen-Zin-Su (Wandering Turtle). 

And the rest? Is yet to be told… ( Currently level 2)


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