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Name: Ironshot Brüngrim Deepcrag. (Ironshot is a nick name/title given to him, doesn't use his last name unless it's for record purposes)

Rank: Recruit

Class: Sniper, or in game, Marksmenship.

Status: Been my main ever since I made him back in 07.

Little bit about Brüngrim:
Grew up in Dun Morogh, broken house hold. His mother was a kind one but spineless. Father was cruel.  His Uncle was the one who taught him everything he knows, marksmanship, survival, tracking and hunting. Joined the Mountaineer when he was able, a few years before the Invasion of Khaz Modan. During the invasion he earned the nickname Ironshot, his uncle lost his life during the conflict. This caused Brüngrim to look for any excuse to go out and kill the Orcs. The Stormpike Expedition, then joining the Humans for the third war, Northrend campaign, the war during the Cataclysm, the Pandaria campaign, Legion invasion, and lastly the 4th war.  

Little bit about the player
27, not the most social of people but I try to get myself out there. Likes to RP but does more content than RP admittedly. Willing to help out with content or RP should I have the time and will power to do so. Would like to think I'm a friendly enough person, perhaps a lil crass but over all not bad!

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