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Name: Mornak Twinshot (In-game: Mornak)

Rank & Division: Warbrand of the Vanguard Infantry

Class: Shaman (In-game: Enhancement Shaman)

Titles: "Witchslayer", "The Raptor", "Legbane"

Clan: Wildhammer Clan

Status: Not exactly my main, though I will appear any time I can for events and social roleplay!


    Mornak was born inside the city of Grim Batol and grew up learning the ways of the Wildhammer Clan and Shamanism, during Mornak's teenage years The Dark Iron Clan attempted to invade the city and take it over, resulting in a deadly battle between Modgud’s War Golems and the Wildhammer Clan, during the heated battle Mornak’s father Ormen was struck down by a golem, however the attack ended up failing miserably with the Wildhammers banding together and pushing through the War Golems and even resulted in the death of Modgud, sorceress wife of Thaurissan.

    After the Dark Iron’s failed attempt to take over the city of Grim Batol and the staining of the city with vile evil and corruption, Mornak and his mother Ralla left along with the rest of the Wildhammer Clan, moving north towards the lands of lordaeron, eventually settling in the region of Northeron, the Aerie Peaks and in the lush forests of the Hinterlands, later the Wildhammers constructed the great city of Aerie Peak, where Mornak grew up with his mother for the rest of his teenage years.

    After years of training as a Gryphon Rider and learning the ways of Shamanism, Mornak joined a group of Gryphon Riders in defending Aerie Peak from Black Dragons and Harpies, as well as eventually aiding in the war effort against The Horde, after spending most of his time defending his home Mornak began travelling to new places, mostly bars until he finally joined the Earthen Ring in their defense of Azeroth and the elements, this choice would then lead the Wildhammer into the final invasion of the Burning Legion and joining the armies of Legionfall on the side of the Earthen Ring, it was here that he became recognized as a warrior and became known as "The Raptor" for his iconic spectral raptor form.

    Months and months after the Legion's Invasion and during the Fourth War, Mornak came across a large market within Uldum and met Odron Twinhammer who offered him a place in The Dwarven Vanguard, honored by the chance to join a noble cause and to fight with his fellow kinsmen once again, Mornak accepted and became Infantry for the Vanguard. 

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