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Name: Moranta Anvilheart

Rank: N/A (Recruit application) 

Class: Fel Caller (Warlock, OOCly an Affliction 'main' but ICly basically a blend of Affliction/Demonology focus)

Status: Honestly I'm a bit of an altoholic so I don't really have 'one main' but she's for sure among my 'mains'

History: Once, long ago, the Anvilheart family was a respected line of shamans and mystics in Dark Iron society. Communion with the magical realms came easy to them, and this bond seemed to humble much as many can claim a Dark Iron can be 'humble' at least...They were a respected noble house who carved out a small, but prosperous, slice of society for themselves in the precious metal and gem trade as well as plying magical services as advisors and aids to other nobles.

As Ragnaros' rule wore on, though, many who were attuned to the elements of Azeroth felt the imbalance and suffering caused by the firelord, and sought to maintain peace where they could. Moranta is a young adult herself, having spent her entire early life under Ragnaros. She didn't have the reverence for the elements her father had, to her a shaman was one who bound elements to their will, and unfortunately that association would only become stronger as she grew up in the shadow of Blackrock Mountain. When she was still a child her father was caught among a group of 'traitors' who opposed Ragnaros and his cult, and put to death. They turned the elements against him, publicly killing him using their own elemental magics as if to mock his goal of liberation.

Moranta learned a brutal lesson from that event, though likely not what the firelord's servants would want. She learned that the only way to stay safe in a world like that is to cultivate power. Thankfully she had her mother still, a compassionate woman who taught her empathy despite the anger swelling in her heart. She learned the family trade of gemcutting and jewelry making, while in secret studying tomes of fel magic and demon binding. Despite her disillusion in her father's beliefs, she couldn't bring herself to bind the wills of elementals as so many dark shaman did, but she felt no such compassion for the infernal souls of the nether.

Eventually, as everyone knows, freedom came to the Dark Irons, though it wasn't kind, merciful, freedom. Their freedom came through invasion and war, and that too left a lasting mark on her. Her family was once of modest size for a Dwarven house, and she was the youngest of her siblings. Unfortunately, by the end of the conflict between the assassins and their armies slaying the emperor and the resulting clashes between 'loyalists' and 'rebels', she was the last remaining Anvilheart.

She felt the rage and grief that only furthered her view on life, but also turned to her mother's lessons. In the end she chose forgiveness, much to even her own surprise, but she vowed to never forget how easily her 'kin' slaughtered her people. That, after all that, would be her driving creed in the world. Power is safety, forgive but never forget, and those who prey on the weak and helpless deserve nothing but contempt. She joined the army of The Alliance, mainly to further her studies, but also as a way to see the world she spent so long isolated from. In many ways despite her scars she has a lot of innocence still, finding genuine delight in the strange and exotic. She may never be a shaman as her father was, but she has come to find the beauty he saw in the world unburdened by one element's domination.

The Player: Heya all, long time WoW player since vanilla's beta, with a massive love of RP/collaborative storytelling. I'm a big dork for things like tabletop games and RPing in MMOs and all so I tend to always try to do it in some form. That said I also love the PvE elements of the game like raiding, not a big PvP type but that's mainly because I don't super love WoW's style of it (also insert joke about me being an Alliance main leading to that here). Honestly I kinda suck at self introduction stuff, I like to think I'm a pretty friendly and open person so if you want to know anything just ask!

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