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Name: Halfdan Firewind (Hàlfdan in-game)

Class: Warrior (Arms)

Status: One of a handful of characters I play, but looking to make my new Alliance main in DF

Titles: “Halfdan the Black”, “Gryphonbane”

Clan: Dark Iron Clan

History: The firstborn son of Jørn, Halfdan was always destined to be a great warrior like his father, as well as his heir to inherit the stronghold of Ashstorm. At birth, Jørn had an axe made from dark iron specially forged for his son when he came of age, and was trained to fight from the day he could stand. Through the trials and struggles of training to be both a great warrior and a thane, he was hardened into a strong-willed dwarf, fearing nothing and determined to reach any goal or achieve any victory put before him. However, Jørn taught his son a much more valuable lesson as well - to humble himself and not give in to pride or arrogance, to be level-headed and fight only when he must, and to have the mental strength to lead as well as the physical strength to fight. 

The years would pass quickly as Halfdan soon became old enough to stand with his father on the battlefield. Like most of his clan, he was often pitted against their rivals, the Bronzebeards and Wildhammers. During one fateful battle against the Wildhammers, Halfdan killed the enemy leader in single combat before ripping his gryphon companion’s wings off of its back with his bare hands. Halfdan earned fame that day, and was given the name “Gryphonbane” for his brutal act. 

Having proven his skill as a warrior, Halfdan also proved his skill as a leader and strategist in another battle facing his people. Having come across a troll force outnumbering his own, Halfdan ordered his men to burn a large section of forest, and to have them coat their bodies and armor with the ashes until they were almost completely blackened. Under the cover of night, the dwarves launched a sneak attack on the trolls, routing them and destroying their encampment. Thus, Halfdan earned another title - “Halfdan the Black.” 

Unfortunately, Halfdan, along with his father, were eventually defeated and captured by a force of Dark Horde remnants. Halfdan was made to watch his father’s torture and execution, but Jørn was able to impart some final wisdom on his son - the dwarves were one people, and though the Dark Iron Clan had always been the aggressors in the war between their kingdoms, it had to be them who took the first steps towards peace. Jørn gave Halfdan the pendant of a fallen Bronzebeard warrior, and told him not to fight for just the Dark Irons, but for all dwarves to stand together as one people. 

Halfdan managed to escape and return home. He rallied an army and, upon his father’s final advice, made amends with many of the Bronzebeards and Wildhammers he once called enemies. With a great army and his brothers at his back, he crushed their enemy and avenged Jørn’s death. 

Now the Thane of their ancestral home, Halfdan continues to fight for his people and works towards playing his part in creating a better world for the dwarves. 

About me: Hail, friends! I am a long-time WoW player and lover of dwarves, and I am excited to have the chance to meet you all! I am a 29-year old male from Georgia. I love heavy metal music, playing bass, sports (football and baseball mostly), beer, Norse culture and vikings, gaming and meeting new people. Looking forward to the chance to get to know you all and live our best dwarven lives together! If you have any questions or want to know more, just hit me up! Skol!

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