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Name: Urick Stonesteel

Rank: Recruit Application

Class: Legionnaire (Fury Warrior)

Titles: Uri the Maker

Status: Somewhat of an alt, turning into a main

Clan: Bronzebeard Clan

History:  Spanning back centuries, the Stonesteel family has always been of hearty men and women, warriors and protectors alike. Urick's father, Hyöldan Stonesteel, was a well known and stout protector of both his family and home. Urick was raised under him as well as his lovely mother Ira. Born just a short distance from Ironforge, Urick was a big baby. Loving the cold and snow, his parents practically brought him up with an axe in hand. Eventually, moving into the halls of Ironforge, Urick became familiar with every corridor, crevice, and shop. The citizens and shopkeepers knew of Hyöldan and in turn, knew of Urick. As he grew older, he did favors for businesses and in his free time, picked up the craft of smithing. Experimenting with different metals and different axes, Urick took a liking to both his smithing and fighting. Hyöldan was a veteran of the War of the Three Hammers and was known to be in combat somewhere. Urick was born 140ish years after the war, growing up hearing stories and seeing the scars. After some time, Hyöldan was ambushed by an orc group in The Hinterlands on a delivery. Urick was devastated and so was his mother. Eventually, his mother passed of disease and Urick was left to live on his own. Currently living in Ironforge, Urick looks to make a name or cause for himself, as he grows into middle age.

About me: I'm a 18+ male from Illinois, long time WoW player and lover of RP. I am in college studying cybersecurity and networking, so computers are my thing. Love me some fantasy so I'm a big LOTR guy and dwarf fan. Been looking for a dwarf rp guild and heard about this so hoping I can make some dwarven friends and have a great time. 

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