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Name: Jenifehl Stahlbär

Rank: Recruit

Class: Beast Mastery Hunter/Mountaineer

A little bit about the character:

Jenifehl grew up in Loch Modan after the Cataclysm, raised by her grandad Hazrin Stahlbär, who had retired in the Loch. Hazrin always told stories of the beauty of the Loch before the Cataclysm. Jenifehl was raised a hunter with Hazrin hoping she would one day become a Mountaineer. As Jenifehl got older she traveled Azeroth with her bear Kodiak, always exploring new places, a wanderlust that could not be satiated. After years on her own, Jenifehl dreamed of joining the Mountain Guard, only to find the Dwarven Vanguard in their place. Jenifehl seeks structure and purpose amongst other Dwarves, for the glory of all Dwarven clans. This is why Jenifehl must join the Dwarven Vanguard. 

A little bit about the player:

My name is Jen, I’m 36 from Florida, have played WOW on and off since beta. I’m a big oldschool MMO fan, I’ve been into just about every MMO from 1999-2014, usually going back to older games. I played a Dwarf rogue named Hazrin around 2010 and he was a member of the Mountain Guard, who I RP was Jenifehl’s grandad.  I’m pretty casual, I enjoy RP but I’m not hardcore about it.

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