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Name: Grinnan Cruel-Sea

Rank: Recruit

Class: Beast Master/Marksman/Survival Hunter (I play all 3, but for RP I play Marksman).

Status: After many alts I decided that this is my main! 

A little bit about the character:

Grinnan was born in the Dwarven District of Stormwind and raised by his mother, Kyna Heavyhand of Ironforge and his father, Jakarnn Cruel-Sea of Stormwind. Grinnan grew up on tales about the famous dwarven riflemen of Ironforge by his mother and once he was of age went to the Hunters Guild of the district and learned all he could to prepare himself for the start of his journey of becoming a rifleman. A young and naive dwarf, Grinnan enlisted in the Dwarven Vanguard to hone his skills and to prove himself among his superiors.    

A little bit about the player:

Hi everybody! My name is CJ and I'm 29 years old, I started playing WoW 3 months ago and fell in love with the lore, story, and characters of this game. I'm very rusty to RP, last time I RP'd was back when GAIA Online RP forums were a thing over a decade ago (god it hurts when I say that lol...) and willing to learn!

Don't hesitate to message me on Discord or in-game to chat, RP, or just play the game! 

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