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Name:  Ingvildr Ironsoul (ING-vil-dir)

In-Game Name: Ingvildr

Status: Main

Rank: Warbrand

Division: Sorcerer

Class/Spec: Arcane Mage

Clan: Bronzebeard

Age: Young Adult (Looks older due to magic use)

Gender:  Female

Nicknames/Titles: Vili (the Vigilant), Kurzrklaennag (Curse-Killer)

Primary Magic: Transmutation (Licensed Portalist)

Secondary Magic: Evocation

Worst Magic: Illusion

Trials: 6/7


Ingvildr was born to clan Ironsoul, a clan with a modicum of renown for producing fierce warriors that regularly joined the Ironforge military. Regrettably she was born frail and sickly, which meant she did not fall into the same category as the rest of her family. Ingvildr was trained in accordance with the clan's warrior ways, but it became clear that with her frailty and weak right leg, she was not built for the life of a soldier. Lost in terms of purpose, it took her a long while to realize that while her physical body was lacking, she held within her a vast reserve of mana. After this discovery she was taken under the wings of dwarven sorcerers and taught the way of magic; if she couldn't help her clan with physical combat, she would harness the arcane to aid them instead. The young dwarf moved constantly between Ironforge and Stormwind, training and learning with the mages of both great capitals to hone her craft and prove she was not only worthy, but that she could provide something that the rest of her clan could only dream of.

To this end, Ingvildr shot for much higher than just the Ironforge military; she joined up with the prestigious Dwarven Vanguard and was accepted into their Sorcerer Division just before the Third Invasion of the Burning Legion and the raising of the Broken Isles. She has been fighting loyally at their side ever since, participating in many fronts and proving a keen mind can be just as dangerous as any axe or rifle. Ingvildr lost her right leg to liquid pyrite near the end of the Fourth War and consequently spent much of the next few years working with dwarf, gnome, and even draenei engineers to build a magitech prosthetic replacement. By the time the limb was finished and she was ready for active duty again, Azeroth was experiencing three years of peace and Odron had been named Thane. She spent those years busy in study and preparation for when something inevitably shattered that peace. Now with the Dragon Isles reappearing and a storm brewing on the horizon, Ingvildr is ready to put her magic to good use once again.


Ingvildr is more frail compared to her kin, with a noticeably magitech prosthetic right leg from the knee down made to look like an armoured greave. She stands at just under average height for a dwarf her age and with much less bulk. Her features are gaunt with dark circles under violet eyes, and her skin appears ashen. She seems to constantly have a tired expression on her face. Various scars litter her face and body, which she tends to keep covered. Visible scars include a thin jagged scar that cuts through her  top and bottom lips on the right side of her face, and three short claw marks on her left lower jaw that have been fading with time. She wears her black hair long and in a traditional dual braid, one braid laying over each of her shoulders. Its rare to see her with her hood down. She keeps both her hands and arms wrapped in bandages up to her elbows, and wears gloves over those to hide the spiderweb of thin lightning-like scars from over-channeling magic too often.

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Hey, I'm Wraife! I'm Canadian, 30+, she/her, and been playing Warcraft since Orcs and Humans. I played on my brother's WoW account occasionally from Vanilla until the end of Wrath, and then got my own account at the beginning of Cata. This means I have the memories of Vanilla WoW and the xpacks that came after it, buuuuut I'm not an expert or anything. I'd classify myself as a casual player; I don't like doing dungeons or raids (unless with people I know and even then not a lot), and I dislike PvP. I'm more of a world explorer, quest-doer, mount and transmog collector, and RPer. I like TTRPGs and light hearted meme-ery.

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