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Name: Anaghor Shrapnelbeard

Rank: Recruit

Class: Marksman Hunter

Status: One of my mains

A little bit about the character:

Anaghor hails from the lands of the Dark Iron and before entering military service worked under his uncle Malsnectan Clinkerbeard while he was a Shadowforge senator dealing with assassination and political disruption plots  gaining a respect for politics and had intended to follow suit eventually. Though this became delayed when the Irons joined with the other dwarves and pledged themselves to the Grand Alliance and he served in the fourth war earning distinction as a skilled marksman.

A little bit about the player:

I'm Vampire! I'm a cryptid who's twenty nine. I like to do all manner of things such as gaming and watching shows. I've been roleplaying for longer than I can ever remember at this point.

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