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Basic Info

Name: Thurgrun Thunderbeard of Clan Thunderbeard

In-game Name: Thurgrun

Status: Main

Rank: Recruit

Division: Infantry

Class / Spec: Fury Warrior

About the Character

Thurgran was born in to the proud Clan of Thunderbeards, self proclaimed protectors of Ironforge themselves. As a cousin to the Thane, he was expected to fulfill a great role within the Clan which he achieved through battle. Growing through the ranks of the Clan's military, Thurgran became their battlemaster. Wielding a pair of massive battle hammers, he become known as "The Hammer of Ironforge". Yes as he grows older and his Clan continues to grow smaller, Thurgrun is looking for ways to grow his Clan's name and legend.

About the player

Hiya! My name is Edward and I'm out of Oregon. I'm 40+, single father of two beautiful daughters (ages 7 and 5) who run my life. I began back in Vanilla on Feathermoon as a player named Takji (Troll Rogue). Due to being in the Military I wasn't able to continue yet over the years I continued to return for different expansions such as WoLK, Mists, and BFA. I recently returned and found a group of friends from Vanilla during Shadowlands and then left with them again for FF14. However that wasn't really for me so I returned to WoW. I'm more of a casual player and am into the story lines, yet I enjoy M+ dungeons.