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Basic Info

Name: Dolmun Irondeep 

Status: Main

Rank: Recruit

Class / Spec: Ele / Enhance Shaman

About the Character

Character Class: Fighter / Warrior

Dolmun is a dwarf of humble beginnings, born to a proud Ironforge stonemason and a rumored sorceress, he spent much of his childhood in the great halls and the wintery mountains that enveloped the city. Once of age Dolmun was apprenticed to the guild of delvers, though this was relatively short-lived (in dwarf years) as he found a better living as a tavern-sponsored pugilist. After years of getting-and-giving beatings for coin; Dolmun came across a mostly-drunken member of the explorers league who placed rather large bets; and after a few brews and a few songs, he skipped out of all he had known for a wide world of adventure. In the many years that followed he made a name for himself protecting expeditions in the far parts of the world doing battle with monsters (which he would refer to as 'beasties'), trolls, and raiders of all sorts.

After spending half his adult life in the service of researchers and caravan leaders in far off lands Dolmun suddenly began to feel the soft song of the mountain whispering in his heart so he headed back to where his strange journey began, just in time to find a new one...

About the player

Hey yall my name is Chase, I'm 27 and currently in Nevada with my wonderful fiancé (and our dog Indiana Bones). I've played since TBC though back then 'playing' to me was hopping trial accounts every time I'd hit level 10, lol. Eventually I was gifted an account which I took with me through WOTLK and when it's owner wanted it back I started my own! I played on Staghelm through much of WOTLK and Cata with a PVP guild and eventually moved to Moon Guard, followed by a long hiatus I'm back! I've always been drawn to mountains IRL and in fantasy the archetypal character traits of Dwarves have always been something I can relate to so here I am!

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Dec. 5, 2023, 9:17 a.m.

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