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New! The Dwarven Vanguard website - No sugar! - No calories! by Valkorunn Category: Announcements
Feb. 20, 2021, 10:39 p.m. (1 year, 9 months ago) 1405 views

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Halfdan Firewind by Ayreonaut Category: Profiles
Aug. 28, 2022, 12:13 p.m. (3 months, 1 week ago) 142 views

Name: Halfdan Firewind (Hàlfdan in-game)

Class: Warrior (Arms)

Status: One of a handful of characters I play, but looking to make my new Alliance main in DF

Titles: “Halfdan the Black”, “Gryphonbane”

Clan: Dark Iron Clan

History: The firstborn son of Jørn, Halfdan was always destined to be a great warrior like his father, as well as his heir to inherit the stronghold of Ashstorm. At birth, Jørn had an axe made from dark iron specially forged for his son when he came of age, and was trained to fight from the day he could stand. Through the trials and struggles of training to be both a great warrior and a thane, he was hardened into a strong-willed dwarf, fearing nothing and determined to reach any goal or achieve any victory put before him. However, Jørn taught his son a much more valuable lesson as well - to humble himself and not give in to pride or arrogance, to be level-headed and fight only when he must, and to have the mental strength to lead as well as the physical strength to fight. 

The years would pass quickly as Halfdan soon became old enough to stand with his father on …

Moranta Anvilheart by Shotgunbadger Category: Profiles
June 24, 2022, 2:12 p.m. (5 months, 2 weeks ago) 179 views

Name: Moranta Anvilheart

Rank: N/A (Recruit application) 

Class: Fel Caller (Warlock, OOCly an Affliction 'main' but ICly basically a blend of Affliction/Demonology focus)

Status: Honestly I'm a bit of an altoholic so I don't really have 'one main' but she's for sure among my 'mains'

History: Once, long ago, the Anvilheart family was a respected line of shamans and mystics in Dark Iron society. Communion with the magical realms came easy to them, and this bond seemed to humble much as many can claim a Dark Iron can be 'humble' at least...They were a respected noble house who carved out a small, but prosperous, slice of society for themselves in the precious metal and gem trade as well as plying magical services as advisors and aids to other nobles.

As Ragnaros' rule wore on, though, many who were attuned to the elements of Azeroth felt the imbalance and suffering caused by the firelord, and sought to maintain peace where they could. Moranta is a young adult herself, having spent her entire early life under Ragnaros. She didn't have the reverence for the elements her father had, to her a shaman was one who bound elements to their will, …

Mornak Twinshot by Morbnak Category: Profiles
June 23, 2022, 10:15 p.m. (5 months, 2 weeks ago) 198 views

Name: Mornak Twinshot (In-game: Mornak)

Rank & Division: Warbrand of the Vanguard Infantry

Class: Shaman (In-game: Enhancement Shaman)

Titles: "Witchslayer", "The Raptor", "Legbane"

Clan: Wildhammer Clan

Status: Not exactly my main, though I will appear any time I can for events and social roleplay!


    Mornak was born inside the city of Grim Batol and grew up learning the ways of the Wildhammer Clan and Shamanism, during Mornak's teenage years The Dark Iron Clan attempted to invade the city and take it over, resulting in a deadly battle between Modgud’s War Golems and the Wildhammer Clan, during the heated battle Mornak’s father Ormen was struck down by a golem, however the attack ended up failing miserably with the Wildhammers banding together and pushing through the War Golems and even resulted in the death of Modgud, sorceress wife of Thaurissan.

    After the Dark Iron’s failed attempt to take over the city of Grim Batol and the staining of the city with vile evil and corruption, Mornak and his mother Ralla left along with the rest of the Wildhammer Clan, moving north towards the lands of lordaeron, eventually settling in the region of Northeron, the Aerie Peaks and in the lush forests …

Brüngrim by Ironshot Brüngrim Category: Profiles
June 23, 2022, 9:56 p.m. (5 months, 2 weeks ago) 197 views

Name: Ironshot Brüngrim Deepcrag. (Ironshot is a nick name/title given to him, doesn't use his last name unless it's for record purposes)

Rank: Recruit

Class: Sniper, or in game, Marksmenship.

Status: Been my main ever since I made him back in 07.

Little bit about Brüngrim:
Grew up in Dun Morogh, broken house hold. His mother was a kind one but spineless. Father was cruel.  His Uncle was the one who taught him everything he knows, marksmanship, survival, tracking and hunting. Joined the Mountaineer when he was able, a few years before the Invasion of Khaz Modan. During the invasion he earned the nickname Ironshot, his uncle lost his life during the conflict. This caused Brüngrim to look for any excuse to go out and kill the Orcs. The Stormpike Expedition, then joining the Humans for the third war, Northrend campaign, the war during the Cataclysm, the Pandaria campaign, Legion invasion, and lastly the 4th war.  

Little bit about the player
27, not the most social of people but I try to get myself out there. Likes to RP but does more content than RP admittedly. Willing to help out with content or RP should I have the time …

Osheun by Gil Category: Profiles
June 16, 2022, 7 p.m. (5 months, 3 weeks ago) 210 views

Name: Osheun Windseer (Wildhammer)

Class: Mistweaver Monk (Main)

      Osheun was originally a deckhand for an expedition convoy in the Forbidden Sea. Osheun wanted to explore and discover ancient artifacts, ones no Dwarf had ever laid eyes on. Legend says their Captain angered one of the Titans after committing heinous acts against a lost, ancient Murloc civilization that has been living peacefully for thousands of years. Their ship was plunged to the depths of the unknown. 

    Miraculously, Osheun was able to return to the surface when she encountered the very same Murlocs. Their King said she had no place in their civilization, and that her destiny lay elsewhere; So they set her a-sail. Lost in the forbidden sea, she prayed to the gods and begged the Dwarven spirits to guide her to safety. Not long after, she came across the great Shen-Zin-Su (Wandering Turtle). 

And the rest? Is yet to be told… ( Currently level 2)


Bargoth Cindergrip by DocCrow Category: Profiles
June 14, 2022, 12:44 p.m. (5 months, 3 weeks ago) 195 views

Name: Bargoth Cindergrip

Clan: Dark Iron

Court: Formerly Dagran Thaurissan's

Titles: Formerly "Deep-Thane of The Big Hole"

Class OOC/IC: Shaman/Dark Shaman


Bargoth was once a noble in Dagran Thaurissan's court; a noble like his father before him and his before his. Bargoth lead this mining town that was his family's legacy and did so with an even temper with pragmatic solutions. The goal was wealth for the town and of course wealth for the Thane. This cool-headed Thane was decently liked by his people, though in the mines he was an unruly foreman with many rules and restrictions. Some called him almost tyrannical. 

As the "Deep-Thane" Bargoth felt it was his obligation to lead the way on all mining operations for his small town. The Big Hole was known for Iron, Dark Iron, and finding gems to be crafted into jewlery. That being said when the crew found the thickest deposit of Obsidian they had ever seen, Bargoth quickly redirected all operations to the new site.

It was then that the whisper started to plague his dreams. He dreamed of a serpent with skin as violet as poison swimming around in a sea as black as ink. It sang …

Rhallo Emberfoot by Rhallo Emberfoot Category: Profiles
June 6, 2022, 9:24 p.m. (6 months ago) 192 views

Name: Rhallo Emberfoot

Rank: Recruit Mountaineer

OOC Class: Beast Master Hunter

IC Class: Gryphon Rider, Archer, & Master Tracker

Status: Rhallo is my main RP toon. I have a paladin who is my main for PVE.

A little bit about the character:

Rhallo is the last of his Clan due to the fall of Grim Batol. Being just a youngling, he attempted to turn to his cousins the Emberfoots of the Peak, only to be turned away due to a inner family dispute.

Now orphaned, Rhallo decided raise himself in the wilds of the Highlands learning to track, hunt, & survive off the land. He befriended several animals and choose to only consume vegetables & bugs in respect of those friendships. Several long years later he met a gryphon rider, Brida of Clan Doyle, who brought him back into civilization. The two married after a year, only to have Brida fall a decade later in a aerial battle against a drake. In honor of his wife, Rhallo took up her gryphon and joined the riders of Northeron, serving several years and becoming an officer. Rhallo retired after the third war and joined the Heart of …

Odron "Troggbane" Twinhammer by Odron Twinhammer Category: Profiles
June 6, 2022, 4:28 p.m. (6 months ago) 193 views

Name: Odron Troggbane (Troggbane was a title earned through combat, real surname is Twinhammer)

Rank: General

Class: Protection Warrior

A little bit about my character.


Odron was born in Loch Modan along with his twin sister Ovia, to his parents Gadron and Arlia Twinhammer. As his life went on in Loch Modan, Odron learned the trades of his family and took up engineering, though his true interest was to join the Ironforge Military which he would do when he came of age. 

After years of service with the Ironforge Guards, and only ever being sent on patrols or having had small skirmishes with the Frostmane Troll tribes and ever invasive Troggs, Odron would find a recruitment poster for the Dwarven Vanguard and setout to find the nearest recruitment office, and ended up finding the nearest recruitment office in the town of Thelsamar in Loch Modan. It is there that he was recruited to the infantry of the Dwarven Vanguard by General Thorrson Sternshot. 

Physical Description:

A Dwarf of average height and stocky build, with long blonde hair that would often be found tied up in a ponytail, along with a long beard and mustache. His skin was slightly tan …

Honibelle Brightslate by Honi-Bunny Category: Profiles
June 6, 2022, 6:31 a.m. (6 months ago) 205 views

NAME: Honibelle Brightslate

RANK: Captain of the Vanguard Sorcerer Division.  Former Thanesguard Vanir.  Former Medical Division Captain.

CLASS: Shaman

STATUS: Tentatively active.  Able to make events, but busy as often as not.

Honibelle Brightslate is one of the more peculiar figures among the Dwarven Vanguard; as much of an outsider to their culture as a whole as any one person could be while still having dwarven blood in her veins. Her years of service have transformed her from a hapless beggar into a figure of considerable renown, known for both the selfless acts of heroism undertaken in defense of her people, and the inexhaustible compassion she displays in her dealings, however naive such sentiments may seem. Despite her accomplishments, she still considers herself an adopted daughter of the dwarven people at best.

She is also fairly proficient in the shamanic arts, and she has grown to see the Elements as allies in their own right rather than just a mere source of power.  Despite her abilities and her respect for their tutelage, she still maintains her faith in the Holy Light, owing her education and possibly even her survival to the good graces of the clergy. …

Bjorn "Bjorn" Bjornkin by Bjorn Bjornkin Category: Profiles
June 5, 2022, 12:39 a.m. (6 months ago) 187 views

NAME: Bjorn "Bjorn" Bjornkin, "Bjorn" coming from his last name shortened, not his first name.

RANK: Recruit

CLASS and SPEC:  Enhancement Shaman

STATUS: Active and ready

Appearance:  A large and very muscular dwarf, standing at 4'10". Weighing nearly 300 pounds when armor is on, this dwarf is made almost entirely of muscle and bone, plus a bit of a gut. He has a bald head marked by runic knots of Wildhammer green. His eyes are a matching forest color and his beard is a deep and dark brown. Though nearly middle-aged at 153, he appears hearty and healthy and acts youthful.

History:  Bjorn was born in the Highlands as many of his clan were. Being raised before and in the wake of the War of Three Hammers, he was no stranger to death and war. Even at a young age, it was clear to his shaman parents that he had been chosen to become a shaman as well, as he was able to move stone with just a thought and able to conjure sparks with a snap of his fingers. His training as a shaman was fast, as he learned quickly, and before long he came of age and …

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